Wellbeing to Wealthy

10 weekly one to one mentoring sessions

“I want an overhaul in how I approach things. I try to be more grateful or positive, but it feels like there’s something missing. I keep thinking; ‘it will be better when… I want to feel more energised, purposeful and productive.”

Phase one:  Wellbeing foundation

Phase one:

Wellbeing foundation


This is a lovely phase. It's not unusual for people to find themselves wanting to luxuriate in it for a bit.  Life doesn't look as stressful as it has looked in the past as much of the noisy thinking clogging up wellbeing and insight gets subtracted.  

This phase is integral to gaining more benefits in the latter phases so we will work out together how long we stay in this phase.  Once we've established a certain grounding we then move on to the other phases. But this will be our touchstone which we will continue to return to throughout the course.

Phase two:  Inviting Inspiration

Phase two:

Inviting Inspiration


The problem with inspiration is that it often feels so ordinary that we fail to spot it!  As a guide, my job is to help you start to notice your own genius and the fact that is always reliable and available to you, whenever you need it.  

As you start to recognise how your wisdom is speaking to you, you start to gain more clarity and confidence on your next steps.  This phase is very exciting as new opportunities start to reveal themselves to you right in front of your eyes..

phase three:  Fresh & Fearless

phase three:

Fresh & Fearless


You become more familiar with listening to insight. A new sense of gratitude unfolds as your life’s work takes off in a much more fulfilling and sustainable direction. The sense of striving drops away as you start to tap into your own intuition and using it in a practical way to manifest.

Some of the things that may have looked too scary or difficult in the past, now seem like opportunities ripe for the picking.

phase four:  curating abundance

phase four:

curating abundance


As you grow as an individual so does your sense of abundance..  The transformations in phases 1 to 3 of this course are the cornerstones of your personal evolution.  

Taking action, by investing in inspiration, means that instead of effortfully ‘corralling’ your energy, you will find yourself gently and effectively creating and contributing with purpose and passion.