fresh & fearless

4 weekly one to one coaching sessions

“I have an area of my life that I am passionate to pursue but keep getting stuck. Fear of failure or nerves stop me from performing at my best. I want to stand for what I believe in and ensure I to live up to my full potential.”



Most of us can relate to the feeling of being stuck and unable to move past a limitation.

What we might not realise is that we can often find simple solutions with a fresh perspective.

By working together you start to spot where you may be self-sabotaging and then start to feel more empowered to move forward insightfully.


Gaining a fresh perspective is just part of the journey.

I help keep you on track by pointing out when habitual and sometimes unhelpful patterns creep in.

As you get more familiar with your own inner wisdom, it gets easier for you to see past the noisy thinking and keep moving towards your goal.