5 weekly one to one coaching sessions

“I feel generally anxious a lot of the time and/or have a specific anxiety around flying and travel.' I would like to be able to feel more at ease more of the time, whether generally or when travelling.”

Travelling without unravelling

Travelling without unravelling


Enrolling in ‘Flying Lessons’ will help you with either a specific travel anxiety or a more generalised anxiety. Or both!


If your anxiety around travel has to do with fear of the unknown then you will be able to tap into nearly 30 years of experience of flying and travel. You will be able to ask all of the questions that you have wanted answers to. Additionally, you will transform your experience of feelings of anxiety and start to enjoy the freedom of travel.

Generalised anxiety

If your anxiety is more generalised your ‘Flying Lessons’ will gently take you to new heights of confidence. Uncomfortable feelings of anxiety will start to morph into a desire to expand your horizons and enjoy more of the world around you.

  • Includes bespoke 5 minute Calm & Clarity audio for you to listen to whenever and wherever you are.