Frequently Asked Questions


What sort of coaching do you use?

I use a form of coaching called Three Principles Coaching, commonly known as the 3Ps. It also goes by the name of Psychology of Mind. It differs greatly from most, if not all other forms of coaching as it doesn’t depend upon strategies and techniques.

The style of coaching is conversation based with the basic premise that everybody has innate wellbeing and wisdom but because as our level of consciousness varies, we become more or less aware to the fact that insight, wisdom and wellbeing are always available to us.

what is it like to be coached by you?

It is a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximise your personal and professional potential.

As a coach, I act more as a guide, to gently point you towards some subtle but paradoxically obvious truths about the power of the mind and its ability to provide both powerful wisdom and to create our experience of the world around be us.

As people become more aware of this, people become both more empowered and grounded. As a consequence their lives evolve in a much more sustainable and fulfilled way.

What results can I expect?

Most people report that they are more settled, content and fulfilled and that life permanently takes on more of a playful, compassionate vibe.

How long have you been coaching and what QUALIFIES you to coach me?

I have been coaching for three years and completed my training at the Supercoach Academy in Los Angeles with best selling author and coach Michael Neill. I am qualified as a Certified Transformative Coach.

what are the three principles?

The 3Ps are three fundamental properties of the human experience. A bit like the universal laws of physics, such as conservation of energy or the fact that gravity is a universal and constant property of the universe.

When it comes to humans there are three simple and observable ‘truths’ or properties which underpin all of our experience. These are the principles of;

Thought, Mind and Consciousness

Understanding gravity means that we don’t take it personally when we trip and fall. Gravity operates predictablly whoever or whatever you are.Gravity itself is simple, predictable, impersonal and easily described by maths. The engineering that blossoms as a consequence of understanding the physics of gravity is however infinitely variable and fun

Understanding gravity means you can learn to master and enjoy skydiving or skating, swimiming or surfboarfing. Understanding gravity means we can build cars, airplanes, skyscrapers, spaceships…

In the same way, understanding the Principles .gives us a momentary glimpse into the truth of our human experience. As fleeting and subtle as this is, it has real world practical benefits and makes a world of difference to our sense of fulfilment, compassion, success and achievement.

I am fascinated by the coaching you offer but can’t afford it. How can I find out more?

I don’t want finances to be a bar to accessing coaching so have an Instagram page called @wellbeing2wealthy where you can find lots of free resources relating to this understanding. I also offer a free no obligation 30 minute discovery call and I include 3 free coaching audios when you sign up to my newsletter.