Corporate Mentoring


‘I want my team to be more engaged, productive and purposeful.’


Logic will get you from A to Z but imagination will get you anywhere

Albert Einstein


Business is as much an art as it is science. Bringing a unique experience as both a Commercial Airline Pilot and a Professional Artist means that my mentorship style is as intuitive as it is infused with logic.

I work with individuals and businesses all over the world — virtually and in-person. Typically, our work involves some combination of the following:

Intensive 3 day retreats

Team days

One on One 3 month coaching

Are ‘soft skills’ relevant in a hard-nosed industry? You bet! As more and more of our tasks get taken over by automation the distinguishing feature of successful enterprises is the ability to adapt, be insightful, nimble and creative.

More than used to operating in a stressful situations, I bring something a little different to the table than most.

Your enterprise, organisation or team already has everything it needs to succeed. My mentoring will help you improve engagement and productivity by curating your team’s innate talents, skills, resilience and creativity.

We can start working together, effectively, right now, it doesn't have to take months or years to see a radical shift.